Chubby Bunny Challenge With 5 Singapore PIck Up Lines

It’s time for another challenge. This time we are doing Chubby bunny Challenge! So what’s Chubby Bunny Challenge? Well, you take a bunch of marshmallows and see how many you can put in your mouth. There’s something different about this challenge, we need to say 5 pick up lines with mouthful of marshmallows. Easier said than done! Especially when you have a small mouth. Because we’re living in Singapore, all the 5 pick up lines that I’m using have something about Singapore. And I’m doing something that is way out of my comfort zone just for your entertainment. Hahaha! I’m so feeling like a kpop Idol doing random dance with onesie.

5 Pick Up Lines that I’m using
· Are you Orchard because I got my ION you
· Can I be your Sheng Siong cause everything I do I would be “all for you”
· Me without you is like Nasi Lemak without Ikan Bilis
· Are you Mee Goreng cause you got Mee Goreng crazy over you
· Do you like Egg Prata because without you I’m Kosong