All's Well That Ends Well

Yeah! Finally it ended. It was really a great experience, through this competition I have learned quite a few things. I'm more comfortable with myself now. I used to overthink about myself whether I'm good enough, how i behave in front of people and all the negative things that you can think about. After the last challenge, I feel really at ease as some of my darkest secret is being shared. Haha it may sounds like i have lots of secret. I'm sure "we all have stories we won' ever tell". I think by the end of this year I'm going to reveal my darkest secret. So yea!

Okay back to the competition, I felt quite disappointed though because i really did gave my all in this competition. I thought at least I'll get into the top 3. I really feel very low and that's when i started to think whether I'm really ugly, is it my race, is it that I'm talent-less or is it because I'm just not good enough. 

After the encouraging words from my friends, i felt much better. I know i didn't win top 3 but i did won something much greater. I manage to get to be the finalist, gain more experiences and the biggest reward is that i finally did something which i don't think i will ever do which is sharing something really close to my heart.

this is what I tattooed behind my shoulder

Well, this is not the end of my journey. In-fact, this is just the beginning. Since I'm more comfortable with myself, I'll take part in more competition. I already submitted my application for stylexstyle. Wish me luck!