Yearly Affair

It's the time of the year where I need to serve the country. Second In Camp Training. People may think it's a waste of time but to me it's not. This is because I can take a break from my life for awhile and not care, catching up with the camp mates and also I can have a good rest.

We did nothing much in camp though this time. We have route march (4km) only with SBO and weapon, live firing, platoon battle course and IPPT. That's it. It's great catching up with these people, knowing what they're up to now and how's life for them. At the same time I can brag about myself. Hahahaha! And also silently laugh at those who used to look down on me because their life is kinda pathetic now. * yea, I'm bitchy and everyone knows it hah*

Overall, this second ICT is not bad. I manage to get marksman, free $200 and also I don't know how the he'll I got the top 10% soldier. I guessed I must be well liked by my superior! The most fucked up thing is my unit will be on standby from December till January. Damn it, we can't even go overseas.

I really looking forward to the next ICT. Haha.